The role of the Child Protection Officer (CPO) is to promote children’s wellbeing & to protect them from any potential harm or abuse. It includes the safeguarding of all children regardless of their background whilst they are involved in club activities.

Our current CPO is Hilary Whyte .

In the roles of the CPO, with the support of the club executive, they will ensure that child protection procedures & legislation are understood & adhered to at all times by all club members & volunteers.

Most importantly this means ensuring that all those supporting in club activities that involve or interact with young people are aware of the need & the importance of child safeguarding procedures and that Access NI background checks are in place.

They will ensure that the necessary checks are undertaken before any coaching/training is carried out to keep everyone safe.

In the event that you have any concern relating to child safety please do not hesitate to contact Hilary at

All coaches, mentors, and relevant members, please note that Access NI checks are only valid for 3 years, therefore any invalid certificates will need to be renewed before any return to play.