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“Every Lotto Helps!”

Welcome to the Carryduff GAC Lottery Homepage. Below you will find information on why you should get involved, how it works and how you can sign-up.

How it works

Pick 4 numbers between 1 and 32 in any one line or click on the Lucky Dip button to randomly generate 4 numbers.

Tick the Auto-renew box to play the same numbers every week or choose how many weeks to play.
Minimum purchase is £5. This can be done as a combination of lines and draws. For example it could be five lines for one draw or one line for five draws.
Matching 3 numbers gets you a share of £150.
Matching 4 numbers wins you the jackpot!
*Winning jackpot will be the total jackpot minus £150 if there is a matching 3 numbers.

Why should you get involved?

  • Prizes: Jackpot is now largest ever . £10,000 in prizes has been won in the last 12 months.
  • Chances of winning: Better odds of winning and higher returns a for matching 4 numbers than other lotteries
  • Support your club: Generate funds to support the development of club

How to get involved

Play online by clicking here

Still need help or want put in a syndicate?


In 2019 Carryduff GAC increased the numbers in the Club Lottery to numbers 1 – 32 and advised of this change via the Club Website and Social Media outlets.
In the course of the Department for Communities Regulation of Gambling in Northern Ireland Consultation (December 2019) Club Officers subsequently became aware of an obligation under the Betting, Gaming Lotteries and Amusements (Northern Ireland Order) 1985 to notify Lisburn Castlereagh City Council of any change in its Lottery scheme before any tickets are sold under the amended scheme.
The Northern Ireland Council for Voluntary Action (NICVA) were commissioned to provide training advice and assistance in the course of the Department for Communities consultation, including the provision of advice with specific queries. The Club Chairperson and Treasurer attended NICVA’s symposium to assist Voluntary Organisations running lotteries as part of their on-going fundraising activities.
Subsequently the Club met with Lisburn Castlereagh City Council to advise of the changes made to its Lottery Scheme and have received approval from the Council for the continuation of the Lottery.

To ensure compliance with the extant legislation related to the maximum Jackpot Prize for a Lottery, Carryduff GAC intends to ‘cap’ the current Lottery Jackpot at £20,000.

In the absence of the Jackpot being won players who match 3 numbers will continue to receive a division of £150 on a weekly basis shared between all players matching 3 numbers in that week’s draw.
The funds generated from the Lottery will continue to build the future Lottery Jackpot in the event of the £20,000 Jackpot being won and will continue to contribute to the fundraising efforts of the Club.

Carryduff GAC extend our sincere thanks to all who have supported and continue to support our Club Lottery and the progressive development of our Club.

Good luck to all our Lottery players.

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