Executive officers

Position Name Email
Chairperson Brendan Sloan Chairperson.carryduff.down@gaa.ie
Vice Chairperson Sean McGeough spmcgeough@yahoo.co.uk
Secretary Sandra Hughes Secretary.carryduff.down@gaa.ie
Assistant Secretary Eamon Rooney eamon340@gmail.com
Treasurer Conor O'Neill Treasurer.carryduff.down@gaa.ie
PRO Philip Loughran pro.carryduff.down@gaa.ie
Registrar Mark Hollywood registrar@carryduffgac.com
Registrar (Assistant) Niall McCullagh registrar@carryduffgac.com
Head of Ladies Football Stephen Magorrian StephenMagorrian@thehoratiogroup.com
Head of Male Football Ed McQuillan edwardmcquillan@gmail.com
Head of Hurling Ronan McCaughey ronan.mccaughey@btinternet.com
Head of Camogie Maeve Holland secretary.carryduff.down@camogie.ie
Children's Officer Hilary White childrensofficer.carryduff.down@gaa.ie
Head of Handball Mark McCartan mark.mccartan18@gmail.com
Head of Compliance (constitution, legal, insurance, H&S) Paul Dougan pdougan@jjrsols.com
Players’ Representative Ronan Lawlor ronan.lawlor@gmail.com
Culture & Language Officer Paul McConville paulmcconville2908@btinternet.com
Head of Health & Well Being Centre Sean McGonigle seanmcg10@googlemail.com
Health & Well Being Officer Eamon McKeever Eamonnmckeever@hotmail.co.uk
Head of Hub AnaMarie Magorrian anamagorrian@msn.com
Head of Events Michael Cunningham michaelcunningham319@btinternet.com
Coaching Development Officer Orla Napier orlanapier@yahoo.co.uk

Other Officers

Position Name Email
Assistant Child Protection Officer Michael Cunningham michaelcunningham319@btinternet.com
Health & Safety Officer Louise McMahon lmcmahon102@googlemail.com
Health & Well Being Officer Conor McCullagh cmccullagh123@hotmail.com
Fundraising Committee Joint Chair Paddy Tinnelly paddytinnelly@gmail.com
Fundraising Committee Joint Chair Aidan Hughes aidanjhughes@hotmail.com
Club Governance; Club Maith Rep. Sandra Hughes sandram_donnelly@hotmail.com
Players Representative Ronan Lawlor ronan.lawlor@gmail.com
Chair of Gym Operations Garry Morris garymorris1@hotmail.co.uk
Club Development Chair Sean McGeough spmcgeough@yahoo.co.uk
Club Engagement and Outreach Officer Paul McConville
Chair of Culture Sub-Committee Ana Marie Magorrian anamagorrian@msn.com
Chair of Hub Committee Michael Cunningham michaelcunningham319@btinternet.com
IT Support Ronan Lawlor ronan.lawlor@gmail.com

Sporting Officers

Position Name Email
Head of Men’s Football Ger Connery ger.connery@sentel.co.uk
Male Football Secretary Gavin Kelly gavin.kelly@yahoo.co.uk
Chair of Ladies Football; Ladies County board rep. Colette Spillane colette.morris@live.co.uk
Chair of Hurling Ronan McCaughey ronan.mccaughey@btinternet.com
Chair of Handball Mark McCartan mark.mccartan18@gmail.com
Chair of Nursery Enda McKenna endamck@yahoo.co.uk