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AGM County Board Guidance 2020


A Chara

We are now in Club AGM mode and we would remind all Clubs that this year 2020 will be a different year for AGM’s, many will be held virtually/online and some Clubs may go for an AGM Day. County Convention this year is on December 16th and will be conducted through the GAA recommended forum of Microsoft Teams.

It is a year when AGM’s and Conventions will be conducted differently and will be streamlined with Motions etc being deferred to the Incoming Executive Committee or being referred to County Convention, it is advised that any matters that can wait to make them wait and remain conservative – 2020 is not the year to consider contentious motions.

There are some key points that Clubs should consider around their AGM:

· Members who have paid their membership before the 31st of October 2020, can exercise their right to vote and speak at the AGM. Only fully paid-up members have that right.

· The Secretary’s Report, the Chairpersons address and where possible the Financial Report should be circulated in advance. On an online AGM only the reports of the Secretary and Treasurer should be up for discussion, all other Sub Committee reports should be circulated in advance and are adopted at the AGM, any matters arising should be referred to the Incoming Executive.

· In advance of the AGM the Club Secretary seeks nominations for the elected posts.

· Once he/she receives nominations then the person nominated should be contacted and asked to confirm their intentions to seek office, giving them a recommended 48/72 hours to confirm. In the absence of a reply, it will be taken that the person is not seeking office.

· Once the nominations have been returned and confirmed, the Runaí should circulate a ballot paper to all Fully paid-up members eligible to Vote.

· The vote should then be cast in advance by means of a Delivered Vote; that is the Club Executive determine a place and time where a ballot box is available for Members to place their Votes. For Example, a Club may determine that the Day before the AGM the Ballot Box would be located in the Club Premises between 1.00pm and 3.00pm to allow Members to come and place their ballot paper in the Box.

· The onus is on the voter to ensure that the vote is submitted and in time.

· The Club will have appointed, I suggest 2 Returning Officers, these should be people who are not seeking election, and they are responsible for access to the Ballot Box and for the Counting of Votes.

· The Counting of Votes should be conducted by those two people and the result then delivered during the course of the AGM.

· Any notices of Motion concerning internal Club Matters should be referred to be considered by the incoming Executive.

· Other business: Members to be given the option to submit queries/comments (using the same date set down for submission of Motions) which will be considered by the Executive Committee at their first meeting of their new term.

**Just a small addendum to the AGM advice issued during the week, in the case of where a Club is using a mechanism involving a delivered vote, ie having a ballot box at a location for members to come to and vote, it would be good practice for the person voting to have to include their membership number on the returned ballot. So, any returned ballot paper should be signed by the member and also include their GAA Membership Number. It reflects then good governance on the part of all concerned.