Carryduff Clubs Draw 2022

Carryduff GAC welcomes the support of all of its members, friends and supporters by entering this year’s Clubs Draw and getting the chance to win up to £110,000.

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The Clubs Draw facilitated by Down GAA, which began in 2012 has been a major success for the County and the Clubs of Down. In the 10 years of the draw, a total of over £7.02 million has been raised, with over £4.68 million going to the Clubs of Down, with the County Board raising £1.18 million.

A total of £1.1 million has been paid out in prizes, and with an Annual Prize Fund of £110,000, the draw allows Down GAA Clubs to host a major fundraising draw without the individual worry of providing a major Prize Fund.

£110,000 12 MONTHLY DRAWS: with 5 Prizes of £1,000 to be won per month

2 SUPER DRAWS: 25th September & 25th March

  • 1 Prize of £5,000,
  • 5 prizes of £2,000, and
  • 5 prizes of £1,000

SPECIAL CLUB DRAW:  Every Club guaranteed a £200 winner in our Special Club Draw

SPECIAL DRAW FOR FULLY PAID UP MEMBERS  Special Draw for Patrons who pay £120.00 in full before draw commences: 5 PRIZES OF £200.00 First Draw: 25th April 2022

Ticket Price £120.00 or if paying by D.D. (can only be set up via your Club) £10.00 per month commencing on 18/04/2021 and monthly thereafter on the 3rd of each month

For Every Ticket sold by Carryduff GAA, the Club receives £96.00 (after the initial 24 ticket sales)
Limited Quantity Available!

Down Clubs Draw Tickets Now