U12 ladies win the cup out of 20 strong teams at Geraldine’s tournament .

October 8th, 2017 | Club notes

U12 ladies win the cup out of 20 strong teams at Geraldine’s tournament , co Louth

Group stages
Match 1 – Carryduff vs Pearse Ogs, Armagh
The Carryduff girls started strong getting the ball up the field using the wind advantage in the first half ensuring that Pearse Ogs little chance. Notable performances in the back line from Maebh Napier and Katy Quinn being first to every ball.
Carryduff 3-4 (Sian O’Neill 1-0, Beth Morgan 1-0, Marie Therese 1-0, Katy Foy 0-2, Sophie McGonigle 0-2) Pearse Ogs 0-0

Carryduff vs Tyholland, Monaghan
Carryduff were a physically stronger side than Tyholland which proved to work in their favour. Great teamwork throughout on the pitch with Cara beth using her height to her advantage in the backline to clear any ball and Sophie Mcgonigle using her super footwork to find the net twice early on in the game.
Carryduff 3-4 (Sophie McG 2-1, Sian O’ 1-1, Katy foy 0-2) Tyholland 0-0

Carryduff vs Geraldine’s Whites
A very strong Geraldine’s team came out fighting in the first few minutes finding the net pretty quickly from play. Sophie mcgonigle responded shortly after with 2 points but the Carryduff girls found it difficult to get through their strong defence. Tara Mccarron scored a much needed goal in the second half but the Geraldine’s responded with two more themselves! Katy Foy showed pure determination to get up the field as quick as possible for a goal but with such short halves it was just too late.
Carryduff 1-2 (Tara Mccarron (1-0, Sophie mcg 0-2) Geraldine’s 3-0

At the end of the group stages Carryduff actually won on score difference and so were through to the Cup competition.

Cup Quarter Final
Carryduff vs Dromantee, Armagh
The girls came out determined after a loss in the last group stage match. Sian O’ showed her unbelievable speed and skill to solo majority of the pitch and score a goal to open the match. This set the scene for the match where then there were 6 other scorers from the Carryduff team showing the incredible team work but also the accuracy of so many players. In the back line we had a reliable Katie McCusker who marked tightly and ensured to be first to the ball and Cara Beth in nets saving several shots!
Carryduff 2-5 (Sian 1-1, Tara McC 1-0, Ciara Irvine 0-1, Tara O’ neill 0-1, Beth morgan 0-1, Sophie mcg 0-1) Dromantee 1-2

Cup semi final
Carryduff vs Ashbourne, Meath
A very tight game from the start with a point for Meath in opening minute. Dara Hughes and Ciara mcgeough kept them on their toes with blocks and being first out o every ball. Our part time goalkeeper/part time half forward Tara O’Neill showed her long range kicking and accuracy skills with 2 much needed points in response! Support play from Grace Loughran ensured Sophie Mcgonigle got another point but Ashbourne reacted with a goal in the second half. Trailing by 1 with a couple minutes to go was very nerve wrecking but Marie Therese Norris saved the day with a last minute goal for Carryduff!
Carryduff 1-3 (Marie Therese 1-0, Tara O’Neill 0-2, Sophie mcg 0-1) Ashbourne 1-1

Cup Final
Carryduff vs St Colmcillies, Meath
A very different type of game as for almost the entire first half showed no score even with great forward play from Aoife Mcmahon and ciara Irvine, the defence were blocking everything down. Towards end of the first half we saw Tara mcC go straight for goal to be blocked down by the keeper but with quick thinking and quick feet, she got the back of the net. In the second half Ashbourne were getting a few points but no one was getting through the strong defence of Ciara McG, Dara Hughes, Katy foy and Maebh Napier for a shot at the net! Close to the end, Carryduff secured their win by one point!

Carryduff 1-2 (Tara mcC 1-0, beth morgan 0-1, Sian O’Neill 0-1) ashbourne 0-4

A great day had by all in a strong competition for U12 girls. On behalf of coaches Áine and Alec we would like to thank the girls for their dedication this year. These girls have some special talent and determination which makes their club proud.