Club Gear Collection

December 11th, 2017 | Club notes

We have received the order from O’Neills and plan to distribute from the club tomorrow evening, Tuesday 7-9.30.

As far as possible could I ask the order numbers to attend in the following time slot. this will ensure as little wait time as possible.

9pm – order numbers 003, 024, 031, 045, 048, 053, 059, 064, 067, 068, 070, 072 (these orders still need to be bagged)

7pm-7.30pm – remaining order numbers 001 to 015

7.30pm-8pm – remaining orders 016 to 030

8pm-8.30pm – remaining orders 031 to 045

8.30pm – 9pm – remaining orders 046 to 071

Please note, we will be double checking each order and will be asking you to do likewise before you leave the club. We would as far as possible like to deal with any issues there and then. Please bear with us on this point as we’re trying to ensure safe delivery of +300 items.

For your order number, check my confirmation email sent early October.

We will also be looking for any outstanding payments / part payments on receipt of gear – the outstanding amounts will be detailed in individual emails.

Thanks to all the volunteers who have helped prepare the order so far. In order to allow for ease of distribution and to let our volunteers home at a reasonable hour, please adhere to the times allocated if possible.

If its not possible for you to come along, let me know quoting order number.

Finally, the order received from O’Neills does not have the socks. These will now form part of the next order, hopefully in January.