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Thu 16th Jul communications

Latest information re Match Regulations for this weekend

Friday 17th July, Saturday 18th July and Sunday 19th July
• No Spectators are permitted at the Games.

• Publicise this on all Club Social Media outlets and by email to your Club Data Base.

• Avoid Confrontation on the Night of the Game – Suggest that Both Teams and Mentors are in the Ground early along with Match Officials. Close the Gates and Walk Away. A presence at the Gates to your Grounds will only invite engagement.

• All Club Facilities, Dressing Rooms, Gyms, Sports Halls remain Closed before and during the fixture.

• Only the Toilet Area can be Open and Social Distancing Requirements must be adhered to.

• It is the responsibility of each Club to look after their own personnel regarding the Health Questionnaire.

• Clubs are only responsible for their own personnel, there is no need to submit details of personnel between Clubs.

• The host Club should record the numbers in attendance, you do not need to record the names, but you do need to know how many people in total were present. The Team Sheets will identify the names of players and mentors, anyone else, if the need should arise can be identified by the respective Clubs.

• To Assist with Contact Tracing if it were deemed to be necessary, it is important then that your Team Sheet is clear, it is legible and that it contains all of your Match Day Panel and the names of your 5 Club Mentors who will be inside the perimeter.

• Media who have contacted the Club in advance can be admitted to the Ground, by contacting the Club the media outlet is taking responsibility for the Health and Well Being of their representative.

• Photographers should be informed that their presence is only permitted to take match -action photos. Photographers must remain in a stationary assigned position.

• Walkways at Clubs are Walkways, they are not viewing galleries, they are not permitted to be open during the game tomorrow night.

• Referees will come changed to officiate at the game, they will in most cases need the assistance from the Clubs of Umpires and Linesmen. Please give the referee details of these personnel so that he can include their names in his report. This again covers us if the need for contact tracing was to subsequently arise.

• The Referee will remain on the pitch at Half Time. There is no need to have access to the Referees Room.

• The use of Dug Outs is discouraged unless they can accommodate Social Distancing requirements.

• Where possible at Grounds there should be separate exit and entry points or In/Out system.

• If you have a person video recording the game, then you need to ensure that they are taking responsibility for their own Health and Well Being.

• Avoid Social Congregation in the vicinity of the Ground before and after games.

• No Club Shops or Tuck Shops can be open at the Ground.

• No other on field activity is permitted at games over the period- Half Time Activity is not permitted.

• Tomorrow night We wish you well, 17th July will be a special date in the Calendar as we return to competitive Games. We ask you to Trust rather than try to Police.

Seán Óg Mac Antsaoir, Runaí Coiste Chontae An Dúin

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