2021 Membership Registration

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2021 Membership Registration

Over the winter, we have worked with the GAA to bring our membership management and communications system online, and into one streamlined system, Foireann.

It is the first time that the GAA has brought all its associations under one umbrella, namely GAA, LGFA, Camogie and Handball associations and this will create a number of benefits for all of our members and for the club.

Why Foireann?

  1. Profile & Membership Mgt – Management of all personal and family membership data in one single portal. You may have used the Foireann system last year as part of Return to Play Health Questionnaire. If so, you already have a profile that you can simply update.
  2. Payments – Simple and easy to manage online payment processing. A great benefit for members with staged payments and club with efficient cashless transactions – much preferable in current times.
  3. Teams & Events – As you join teams for yourself and /or family members – all associated events will be fed into a single dashboard view ensuring clear communications around team training, matches and events.
  4. Multiple Clubs – Register with multiple clubs for those participating in membership at other clubs for sporting or social reasons.
  5. Much more to come – The GAA is continuing to invest in the platform with new features planned this year and next. Registering now means you and the club will get those features as they are delivered.

Membership Registration

We’re now able to accept membership registrations for the incoming season. For this first time, you can create a family profile yourself, including players of GAA, LGFA, Camogie and Handball. Our individual, family, and nursery memberships are all now available for selection.

To register on Foireann or process and pay for your membership please visit the Foireann Website

For detailed instructions on how to use the system, please visit the help section we’ve created here on our club website.

Membership Options 2021

We offer a full range of Individual, Family, Nusery, Player and Social Memberships.

  • Memberships can be paid in full or in 8 equal instalments between February and October
  • Individual players registered before 28th Feb will receive Free entry to club lotto for 1 year
  • Family memberships registered before 28th Feb will receive a Down Draw Ticket worth £120 and with a prize fund of £110,000
  • There is a 20% discount for Renewal Family Memberships in recognition of reduced playing time in 2020 and delay in season start in 2021 due to Covid

Carryduff GAC Membership Options 2021

Category Cost in full Instalments* Notes
Adult Player £200 8 x £25 Free entry to club lotto for 52 weeks if paid before 28/2/21
Student Player £160 8 x £20 Free entry to club lotto for 52 weeks if paid before 28/2/21
Unemployed Adult Player £160 8 x £20 Free entry to club lotto for 52 weeks if paid before 28/2/21
Non-Playing Adult £80
Juvenile Player £120 Player under the age of 18 on 1/1/21
G4MO £110
2020 renewal with free Down Draw ticket £284 8 x £35.50 20% refund on 2020 feesFree Down Draw ticket worth £120Must be purchased by 28/2/21
2020 renewal £284 20% refund on 2020 feesMembership purchased after 28/2/21
2021 new family with free Down Draw ticket £325 8 x £40.63 Free Down Draw ticket worth £120Must be purchased by 28/2/21
2021 new family £325 Membership purchased after 28/2/21
Nursery £80 n/a Children under 6 years 6 months on 1/1/21
OAP £55 n/a Adults over 65 years old on 1/1/21
Social £40 n/a
Life £1000 n/a Contact registrar

* All memberships paid by instalments must be paid by October so number of instalments will be based on month of first payment, e.g. February = 8 months

Return to Play

We do appreciate the delayed start to the season is a disappointment for all but our club committee and coaching teams are in place and are working hard to ensure our season is as full and fun-packed as we can possibly make it.

We ask for your support in processing membership as quickly as possible, ensuring we can support any technical issues which may arise and to avoid disappointment if Down Draw or Insurance deadlines are missed.

Access the Foireann System Here

Access our Foireann Help Section Here


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