Carryduff players far and wide !!
What a great story from a past player that took time to attend the Anniversary ball ..
Paul Fearon’s story within the GAA and Carryduff GAC
“I joined the senior panel in 91 when Jackie McManus was in charge and played through until the end of the 95 season, when Tom Potter was manager.
Below is one of the team photos from that era. I’m between Greg Blaney and Paul Dunlop in the famous Larson jerseys .
There are two Hong Kong photos below. I’m in the bottom right of the cup photo and standing far left of the squad photo. Looking very hot at the 35c+ temperature!!
Please find the link to the Asian Games history, plus newspaper articles from the daily English publication, the South China Morning Post. They include the article and photo pre tournament and the snippet two days after our victory.
Back in 2000/2001 I had moved to London (via Dubai) and played senior football with the Round Towers of south London.
Now I’m helping to coach my rugby mad son Harry at Basingstoke RFU for the last few years. “