U12 Girls Carryduff Tournament 2017

On a cold wet day in September we produced a great tournament for all the players involed , here is just a snipit of the fantastic display of football on the day !!

Match 1 (Div1)

Carryduff Gaels vs Callan Gaels

The early play was in Carryduff’s favour. A super goal by Tara Mc C settled the team down. Callan Gaels came back on the attack but it went wide. Super goal keeping by Tara Mc N. Marie-Therese replied with a fantastic point. Not to be outdone, quickly Callan Gaels scored a point. Carryduff’s response was to score another point. Second half saw Carryduff on the attack again. Some fantastic goal keeping from Callan Gaels stopped more goal attempts. The final score was 1-6 to 0-2.


Match 2

Callan Gaels vs Burren

Early attack from Callan Gaels saw Burren respond with a goal. Not to be outdone, Callan Gaels answered with a goal. Callan Gaels attacked again and scored a goal. A very tense and evenly matched game. After another 2 points from Burren, Callan Gaels scored 3 goals. The second half saw Burren come back with excellent team work that rewarded them with more scores. The final score was 4-0 to 2-5.


Match 3

Carryduff Gaels vs St. Galls

Carryduff opened the game with a strong attack ending with a goal. St. Galls followed with a counter attack which was saved by Cara-Beth. St. Galls came back with a point. Another attack saw Carryduff score  2 goals and a point. Second half saw Carryduff attack with an early goal. Another goal saw a very strong Carryduff team take a big lead. After another point, the match ended 5-2 to 0-1.




Match 4

Burren vs Carryduff Gaels

Three early scores from Carryduff saw them take a strong lead. Carryduff were fantastic in attack and Marie-Therese scored yet another beautiful goal. A very dominating Carryduff team saw the final score to be 0-0 to 3-3.


Match 5

St. Galls vs Burren

Burren opened the score board with a super point, closely followed by another. In the first half, it was a very evenly matched game. The second half saw Burren score a goal which was the nail in the coffin for St. Galls. The final score 0-1 to 1-3.


Match 6

Callan Gaels vs St. Galls

There was an early opening from St. Galls who scored 1 goal and 2 points, closely followed by another goal. Callan Gaels reciprocated with a goal. Another goal and point from St. Galls saw Callen Gaels reply with another 2 goals. This was an incredibly tight and tense match. The final score was 5-0 to 4-3.


Semi Final 1

Carryduff Gaels vs Gort Na Mona

From the outset it was a very evenly matched game, we saw a lot of fabulous movement of the ball up and down the pitch. Carryduff finally broke through with a point, followed by an O/G by Gort Na Mona’s defender. The conditions were incredibly wet and it was tough going for both teams. Another point from Carryduff ended the first half. It was a tough start for the second half, the weather dampening the spirit. Gort Na Mona were the first to put a point on the board. Carryduff quickly followed up with a point and then a superior knock-on hand-pass goal from Tara Mc C sealed the match. Final score 2-4 to 0-1.


Semi-final 2

Bredagh vs Moneyglass

To begin with the match was tight. Moneyglass finally broke through with a superb goal. Just before half time Moneyglass scored another point. In the second half, there was an early attack from Moneyglass which resulted in a goal and further attacks saw the Bredagh goal keeper make some excellent saves. A free for Bredagh resulted in a point, which Moneyglass answered with another two goals in quick succession. The final score was 0-1 to 4-2.



Carryduff Gaels vs Moneyglass

A fantastic start from both teams saw some beautiful play, great ball passing from both teams. Carryduff were the first to score with a point, closely followed with a goal. The second half saw a very strong Carryduff team land a goal and a point in the opening two minutes. After a tough interlude Carryduff drove forward with another point. Magic happened when Sian ran from the half way line to secure a goal. Moneyglass came back with a point but an incredibly strong Carryduff team won the cup 4-3 to 0-1.  Congratulations to all teams involved! Today we witnessed some fantastic football!


Match 1 (Div2)

carryduff ogs – dundrum Good play from both teams Dundrum won a lot of ball but carryduff had a strong defence! Score 0:3 carryduff 0:1 dundrum Match 2

st Edna’s ogs – bredagh  Bredagh very strong 1st half st end as put up a good fight. A few saves from goalkeeper from st end as Score 0:0 ant st enda 2:7 bredagh Match 3

carryduff ogs – ant st Edna’s ogs First minute of play st enda score Carryduff movement of ball down field was excellent. Good teamwork from both teams under bad weather conditions. Score carryduff ogs 3:3 ant st end as 1:1 Match 4

bredagh – carryduff ogs Bredagh start with early procession gaining a goal and 2 points! Carryduff ogs put up a good fight with a lot of movement of ball!  Score bredagh 3:3 carryduff ogs2:0 Match 5 dundrum – bredagh The two teams fought hard for procession of ball! Bredagh scored a few superb goals! Good saves from dundrum goalkeeper  Score dundrum 2:1  bredagh 4:2 Match 6 ant st endas ogs – dundrum  Brilliant goal from dundrum in first few minutes of play. Very strong performance from dundrum especially 1st half. Some lovely hand passes executed between players in st endas. Score ant st endas 0:1 dundrum 4:2


St Pauls vs Antrim st endas

(Plate comp)

A good competition with both teams working hard to get to the final. Antrim st endas showed passion and determination but a physically stronger and more experienced looking St Pauls pulled the game away in the end!

2:5 to 0:3


Pitch D

glen ravel vs st galls

(Trophy comp)

A very evenly matched game which saw St Galls with no score at half time! However, a strong second half showed that anything can happen and St Galls pulled it back, scoring 2 goals and a point to beat Glen ravel by one.

2:1 to 1:3