Player Injury fund and membership

January 27th, 2020 | Club notes

Please note that the GAA Membership Year runs from January 1st – December 31st annually and it is a requirement as per the official guide that all members are registered via the Membership system. Should a GAA Injury Benefit claim be reported for a claimant who is not registered or who is registered on the membership system after the date of injury, the claim will be declined. All playing members should be registered members before the commencement of playing activities for the relevant year and should the club fail to register a member, there are implications for the unit in the event that a player takes a legal action against the unit as the unit maybe found to be negligent for permitting a member to play which is against the rules of the Official Guide which in turn will invalidate any Liability Insurance claim that may arise as it is a strict condition of the Liability Insurance program that all units are in compliance with the Official Guide.

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GAA player injury fund can be found here