P2/P3 Autum Football Coaching

September 22nd, 2017 | Club notes

we are now targeting start of weekend training for p2s and p3s for Saturday 30th September.

The plan is to split the group by school year – for anyone there on Tuesday, you will have seen the numbers which are unmanageable in a training session.


We are aiming to go:-


P2s – 4pm-5pm; and

P3s – 4.45pm – 5.45pm

We will be making use of the club 3G although if we get good run of weather, may be able to move to the pitch.


At this stage, we’ll be running each Saturday until end of October (and possible in doors for November) at the same time save the weekend of the Gala ball when we’ll try and arrange a start around 2 to allow everyone time to get ready after.


So far we have had plenty of expressions of interest in attending these sessions, we will take a view again after the first week to establish how worthwhile the exercise is.


Furthermore, continuing the training will only be possible if we have enough coaches and at present the coach to player ratio is way higher than it should be. Could I ask anyone who is willing to help out in any coaching capacity to drop me a text before next Saturday on 07515332515 (please include your name!). We would be particularly keen to have a few ladies at each session given the volume of girls taking part.


If you don’t have any coaching experience, don’t let that put you off. James will be do a quick run over the content of the training in advance of the sessions and as far as possible we won’t leave you on your own at a coaching station.